UK Delivery Information

Your items will be delivered to you by courier service with some smaller items sent via Royal Mail. Where possible we will usually try to send orders out the same day on orders placed before 15:00. If you require next day delivery please drop us an email first.

For large palleted items a kerb side delivery service is provided. We would advise that you have some assistance when accepting the goods from the courier as they are not insured to do so themselves.

International Delivery Information

We are able to arrange deliverly for international orders, but we can only provide pricing after country and destination address for the order is confirmed.

Please contact us via email ([email protected]) or phone (0044 20 3137 1344) before placing any orders. International delivery needs to be calculated and applied to order with additional payment received, before order can be processed and completed. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Missed Scheduled Deliveries

Your first attempt of delivery is free of charge. Our couriers will call to arrange a specific delivery date with you. Please note if you are unavailable/ uncontactable on the day of scheduled delivery and re-delivery is required, the standard £48.99 pallet service must be paid in order to complete re-delivery. If unable to receive the goods, the item will be returned to the warehouse. The standard pallet charge will be deducted from your overall refund plus any additional shipping charges incurred in order to return this to us.

Returns Policy

If you are unhappy with your goods, or have reason to believe they are faulty in any way and not up to sufficient usable standards, there is a 14 day returns window where you can return the product(s). Please email us first to let us know though please.

Returned items must be sent via your own courier service at your own cost. We recommend booking an insured service as we cannot accept items damaged in transit. Please note for the return of large items sent via a pallet service you will be refunded minus £48.99, the standard charge for our outgoing courier service.

Bespoke Items

Items purchased on a bespoke basis usually take 7-8 weeks to arrive by import, yet this may be subject to delays depending on shipping schedules. Please note if cancelled by the customer, bespoke orders will be refunded minus 25% of the item total.

Damaged or Faulty Goods

1.0 It is the Buyers responsibility to examine the packaging and Goods very carefully for any damage, immediately upon collection or receipt from a third party carrier. If there is any damage at all, for example, packaging shows signs of being torn or squashed, the Buyer must notify the Supplier by email on the day it collects the Goods or receives them from the third party carrier. In addition, where the Buyer is signing to collect a package that appears damaged in any way then the Buyer must sign and write Collected Damaged.

1.1. It is every Buyers duty to fully inspect Goods and please refer to clause 1.0.

1.2. Where a Buyer is aware that packaging is damaged then they must notify the Supplier in accordance with clause 1.0 above.

1.3. Where a Buyer is aware of damage or defect after packaging has been opened, or the Goods are defective in that they do not comply with the order, then the Buyer must notify the Supplier by email within 14 days of the date of collection by the Buyer or, if later, delivery by the third party carrier. If the Buyer fails to do so then the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the Goods.

1.4. Where the Goods are defective or were damaged while risk and responsibility for the Goods was the Suppliers and the Buyer wishes to make a claim of defect or damage, then:

1.4.1 The Buyer must retain the original packaging. We ask that this be retained in good condition. Without the original packaging the Supplier may be unable to deal with the Buyers complaint.

1.4.2 If the Supplier agrees to replace the product then they will make arrangements with the Buyer to collect/ receive the damaged or otherwise defective Goods from the Buyer and replace them.

1.4.3 The supplier will examine the Goods and determine whether the defect is the fault of the Buyer or the Supplier. Where the fault lies with the Buyer the Goods will be returned to the Buyer by delivery to the Delivery Address within 14 days of receipt of the delivery charge being paid by the Buyer. The delivery rate will normally be charged at same rate paid by the Buyer for the original delivery.

1.4.4. Where any fault lies with the Supplier, in view of the Goods sold, a replacement will normally be dealt with within as soon as the Supplier is able, from the date that the Buyer notifies the Supplier of a defect. However, we reserve the right to offer a refund or compensation. Refunds and compensation are normally paid within 28 days of the date that the Buyer notifies the Supplier of a defect.

1.5. Where returned Goods are found to be damaged due to the Buyers actions then the Buyer will be liable for the cost of remedying such damage.

Returned Courier Delivered Items

In cases of courier delivered unwanted items being returned, we have the right to refund only the cost of the item/items with courier charges/ fees payable by the customer.